March 19, 2013

You Know You Are a Mom to Boys

You know you are a mom to boys when:

*Long after your little boy is potty trained you are still trying to teach him the importance of holding/pointing it down when he goes potty.

*You are quizzed daily on the names of all the Transformers (or other robot/superheroes of your child's choosing).

*Your child(ren) spend most of the day running around either in costumes or butt naked leaving their clothes thrown onto the floor in almost every room of your house.  (or is that just my boys?)

*You've experienced the pain that comes along with stepping on a lego piece while walking across a dark room.

*A sandbox provides you a much needed break and at least a half hour of quiet.  

And lastly you know that your husband is a little boy at heart when:

*He asks for a Nerf gun for his 31st birthday

These boys certainly make my life fun though!

1 comment:

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Haha my husband got a nerf gun for Christmas! And my boys definitely prefer nakedness to anything.

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