March 7, 2013

Frumps to Pumps

I'm sure you know that I've been having a hard time getting myself ready, dressed, and put together since becoming a mom to three.  There are many reasons for this struggle, some of those reasons are lack of confidence in how I look, lack of motivation, and most of all just being out of the habit.

Last week from another blog I came across a book that intrigued me.  The book is Frumps to Pumps by Sarah Mae.  It's an e-book that amazon estimates to be 54 pages, and it is only about $5.  It's a one month motivotional (motivation and devotional) that discusses the reasons we are stay frumpy and encourages us to get dressed.
I sat down this weekend and read the whole thing one morning.  I really enjoyed it, and there were many parts that have stuck with me since then.  I will freely admit that there were certain parts that made me raise my eyebrows because these parts felt a little bit like a stretch for me to relate getting dressed to the Bible.  However, for the most part it really did motivate me.

Sarah Mae talks about the message that getting dressed teaches your children.  After all, we set the examples that our children learn from.  Until reading this I honestly hadn't thought much about the message I was sending to my kids.  I do know that my mother ALWAYS got dressed and put together when I was growing up.  She was ready to face the day and it showed.  Another thing that was talked about in the book is how if you are feeling frumpy you usually aren't feeling good about yourself.  You will go about your business trying to go unnoticed, but if you get yourself dressed and feel nice you will be more apt to let the light of your personality shine.

Probably the biggest challenge for me in getting motivated is coming to terms with the fact that I usually don't see anyone.  Three days a week I drop my son off at school, but for the most part no one really sees me or what I'm wearing.  So before reading this book, I kept thinking, if no one sees me what is the point?  Now I've decided that the point is the message I am sending my kids, looking nice for my husband, and most of all getting dressed for myself and the way it makes me feel.

I've been getting dressed every day since reading this book.  (Okay, it's only been 5 days so far.)  I have noticed some really significant differences since I started though.  My days are running so much more smoothly.  I am much more on schedule when I get myself ready in the morning.  During my frumpy days I always feel like I'm running behind and playing catch up.  Since getting dressed, I am more productive.  Being productive and on schedule makes me happier.  Being happier makes me a better mom to my kids.  That fact alone makes getting myself dressed and feeling good so worth it and a habit that I am committed to keeping up.

If you need a little motivation to getting dressed, I highly recommend reading this book.  It really has changed the way I view things.  I was not compensated for this review.  I paid for the e-book myself.  It's just my honest opinion that it was a really good book that motivated me to start putting a little time and effort into myself.


Kate @ Daffodils said...

I definitely see a difference in my mood and motivation when I get dressed. I try to at least accessorize my jeans and plain long sleeve shirt with fun earrings and a scarf! That is an interesting point that the kids are learning from it too, I never thought of that.

Anonymous said...

I always feel better when I am dressed and made up (make up & hair). I also think it is important to look nice for a husband.

Since I don't leave the house everyday I will admit many days I do not bother with makeup. It is hard to want to get all done up when I only see Micah for about an hour before we are in bed (we are definitely in a long hour Army phase).

I love the attitude of doing it as an example to children though. My mom was a bad example of that growing up, not taking care of herself as much as she should. I have always vowed not to be like that, and Lucy sees me run or do pilates almost every day.

I've been loving your outfits! You look great!

The Fischer Family said...

So funny that you wrote about this today because I wrote about something similar! I've been wanting to read this for a while now. It seems motivating. I definitely do better some days than others with this, but I definitely have developed a SAHM uniform (almost always jeans, sweater or long sleeved shirt, bare feet) Maybe I should read this! Love seeing your outfits lately! It seems like your having fun with it!

Kate@StillRoomToGrow said...

I feel the same way, if I'm staying home, why bother. But i have found if i do get dressed and put makeup up etc, I am so much more productive. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Trull said...

I'll definitely have to read this book. I never thought about the example I'm setting for my son by not bothering to put myself together every day.

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