August 17, 2012

Moving and Dream House

My advice to the military wife: don't do a full DITY move if you don't have to, especially if you have short notice, a husband that keeps going away, and three kids and three dogs to take care of and get in the way.

This is what life is looking like around here these days.  And it would also be why I haven't written much lately.

Last week Pat went away to tour and buy our new home in Massachusetts.  I sent my Mom along with him.  I trust their opinions together so I was fine about not being there.  We had about 5 houses to tour.  The first two we weren't so interested in.  The next two had looked like good options.  The last house came on the market two days before touring and had quickly become our number 1 favorite.  

As they toured, the first two were not what we were looking for.  The third was really outdated and seemed like it may have a few items that could be issues for us.  The fourth was nice and the best of the previous bunch, but it needed a new roof (the sellers would pay) and had some major issues because of it's age.  That scared me...a lot.  

So Pat and my Mom went to the last house.  When they arrived they were told there was an offer already on the house, so if we offered also it would be in competition.  As soon as Pat walked in he texted me saying "I want it."  According to my Mom and Pat it was the house for us.  From the pictures I certainly think they were right.  We made an offer that afternoon.  By that evening there were 3 offers in on the house that had only been on the market 2.5 days.  They asked us all to give our best and final offer.  This was super stressful for Pat and my Mom.  They knew there was nothing else on the market for us and as of next week I am truly homeless living with my parents.  

At the end of the ordeal, our offer was accepted!  While a bidding war is never what you want when buying, I feel very comfortable with the purchase and so excited for us to be able to move in.  It will be a while of living at my parents in the mean time, but at the end we will have our dream home.  

Sometimes it feels like everything is falling into place, but that also scares me of what could fall apart.  Although maybe things are going so well to make up for the strain that moving myself, my kids, and my dogs in with my parents house will cause everyone.  

I am so thankful for all the help my parents have been.  I cannot repay them for everything.  I am a very lucky daughter.    

So now I continue packing.  The good thing about packing ourselves is that I am throwing away a ton of stuff we just don't need.  The bad thing is that it is hard to pack up your entire house/life and still keep it organized.  

I'll update more when I can.  


Jenn said...

Yay for getting the house!! Glad it worked out. I hope the packing goes smoothly!!

Christina said...

I am keeping you in my prayers and praying for blessing in your new house. I have seen these pods all over and we did a dity years ago so I know how much work it is. It must be super difficult with a new baby. Keep us posted when you get set up in your new home. I love Massachusetts. I grew up in NJ and we used to vacation up that way sometimes. It is the prettiest state in the Fall and fall lasts a long time there usually.

The Fischer Family said...

So glad you guys found a great place! Yea!! Good luck as you finish your move!

The New Normal said...

Congrats on getting the house!! How wonderful! I hope all continues to go well and the packing/moving goes smoothly!

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