August 10, 2012

An Update on Life

The past week or so my life has felt a little like running a marathon that you never trained for and running it without running shoes or a sports bra.  I feel like I'm sucking lately.  I'm short tempered, tired, and just overwhelmed.  

I'm going to attribute these feeling to the complete chaos that has taken over the past week or so.

A week ago, we had a house showing.  I figured nothing would come of it until about 1 hour after the showing when my husband called.  The people that viewed it wanted to know if we could be out of the house in two weeks.  Not wanting to lose the expected offer we said yes.

But then instead of offering they said they wanted to come back the next day to look again.  They came, they saw, and then they offered.  It took a few more days of negotiations to agree on the terms.  I was beginning to panic, freak out, and get irritated.  We were literally jumping through hoops to plan on being out when they wanted, and we now had less than two weeks to pack everything up and vacate.  And let me just say, last minute moves are expensive.  So when they kept asking for a lower price, it was hard to give in when I felt like we were giving so much already.

Finally we decided to ask them for a few more days in the house since it took so long to get the money issue settled.  I am so thankful they agreed.  While we could have made their original timeline work, the extra 5 days makes things so much easier.  Although it still is a little chaotic.

So in less than two weeks I won't be in TN anymore.  This weekend Pat is going house hunting for us up north.  There are a few houses that I really like, so hopefully he'll get the perfect house for us.  My mom is going with him, and tomorrow they'll probably put an offer in on one them.  Letting your husband pick out your new home takes a lot of trust.

We still have to pack up our entire house.  Then I'll be living with my three kids and three dogs at my parents house until we close on our new home.  My poor parents!  And did I mention I'll be flying up north alone with the three kids.  Pat will be driving with the three dogs and his dad, so he's got his own adventure too.

Now with the loss of Pat's friend, he'll be going away to attend the wake and the funeral when the moving containers are supposed to show up.  He'll be gone when his father flies down to help us pack too.  So I'll have to handle that stuff when he's gone.

So that's what has been going on.  It makes me tired just typing the whole thing out.  I cannot imagine what the next 12 days will be like.  But hey, it seems like things are falling into place, maybe not quite neatly into place but still into place.

I just hope that I'll start to feel a little better, less cranky, and calmer when this whole thing is over and done.


Jenn said...

Oh my goodness girl. You have got a LOT on your plate right now. Please let me know if I can do anything to help!!

Crissy said...

Hi There! I am a new GFC follower from Army Tankers Wife. Please stop by and visit me

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