October 26, 2011

My Next Home

This spring Pat and I will be moving.  We do not know where we will be going yet or even what Pat will be doing.  There are some dreams we are trying to achieve, but only time will tell.  Even if those don't work out, we have some options waiting.  With another move comes another house.  With 3 dogs, renting is usually out.  So we'll be buying again, but this time we plan/hope to make it a long term home.

So I've been thinking a lot about what I want in a next house.  Because this is a home we plan to keep, we want it to be the RIGHT home for us.  Here's a list of what I'm looking for:

  • two living areas.  One could be a finished basement.  I just want to have a living room that can be clean and then a playroom we can live in.  
  • a fenced yard.  This isn't a must because we can always do it ourselves, but if it's already done that is a huge plus.  
  • I really want to have 2 baths.  Some of the locations we are looking at don't necessarily have this in the older houses.  
  • decent size bedrooms (3 or 4).  If the boys ever end up sharing a bedroom it will have to be a good sized room for that to work.  The master bedroom only has to be big enough to fit my furniture. 
  • MUST have 3 of the decent sized bedrooms on the same floor.  I will not compromise on this.  I don't want the kids on a different level.     
  • either a big kitchen or a separate dining area near the kitchen.  Right now my kitchen isn't large and the eating area is right in the kitchen.  It is closed off from the rest of the house.  While I'm not too specific on what the next one must be there is a definitely feel that I'm looking for.  I do not want to feel cramped.  
In some of the places we may end up it seems the perfect layout for us is a raised ranch.  It generally has the living room upstairs and a family room in the basement.  There is also typically a dining area right next to the kitchen.  So really it seems the tougher points to find will be 3 good sized bedrooms, 2 baths, and a good yard.  Did I mention how much I would love to have a house near a park or playground?  

What are your musts for a home?  Am I forgetting to consider anything?



Lisa said...

We have a living room on the main level and then a family room in the basement and I love it! The tv is downstairs, so my living room is for visiting, conversation, reading, etc. and I can keep it looking nice. The basement family room has more of a lived in look. : )

It sounds like you've covered all the major things. I hope wherever you move to will have a place that has all that you want!

KERRY said...

That sounds exciting Shelly! I'm sure it'll be painful looking but also fun :)
I hope you find what you're after!!

Anonymous said...

I told hubby a few years after living in this one that if I ever bought another it would have to ONLY have a few things! It would have to be a 2 bathroom & at least 3 bedroom. If it had a den/extra living room it would be a huge bonus. It has to have a LARGE laundry area, the one in this house is so tiny. Also it would have to have a LARGE Master closet. Everything else I could work with. On the outside we need a nice yard. Right now we have 1 acre & I can't imagine a tiny yard.

Julie said...

I really like the 2 living areas idea! It would make life easier.

We just moved into a house we really love so I don't have a lot I would change right now. I wish we did have a mud room though. That would be nice. I am sure stuff will come up in the next few years...lol

bean said...

Definitely will be tricky to get a raised ranch with two bedrooms (they usually just have one). Kitchen's are usually relatively small but are pretty open or completely open to the living room. Usually they do have three bedrooms on the main floor though. Raised ranches give you SO much 'bang for your buck' in the square footage department, but the actual room sizes can be a bit small. Good luck with your search!

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