October 10, 2011

Favorite Things Blog Swap

Kodi at A Brighter Yellow set up and hosted a favorite things blog swap that I participated in.  My partner was Trina from XOXO, Trina.

You MUST go check out Trina's blog.  She has the best videos on her blog.  She speaks with a sweet accent, has awesome style, and talks about things she loves, like makeup, clothes, purses, etc.  Trina really just seems like someone everyone would want as a friend.

I received my package from Trina this weekend, and I was completely spoiled by her.  Here are the things she sent me.

First there is a package of Figlets.  I've never tried these before, but the boys and I will try them as a snack.  I think they may end up being a hit.  
Included in Trina's favorite things was a three piece set from Bath and Body works in the Twilight Woods scent.  I really like the smell.  It is a combination of sultry and sweet, and is a good departure from my boring norm.  
Also there was an EOS lip balm.  This stuff is great!  I've mentioned before how I am picky about lip products, but this one makes me happy.  I love how the packaging is unique.  The lip balm is summer fruit, which reminds me of a juicy mango.  I will be using this daily.  
I think my favorite part of what Trina sent was a CD of her favorite tunes.  I never would have thought to do this.  It is so personal, and I just love the idea.  I cannot wait to listen to it.  
She also sent me a nail polish in a great color.  This color is called Steel Grey.  To me there seems to be a hint of purple in it.  Stupid me forgot to enclose a note in the package I sent Trina to tell her about my favorite things, but if I had, I would have told her that I sent her purple nail polish because every time I have my nails done Ryan wants them to be purple.  So this Steel Grey will be perfect.  
And in that note card behind the polish is a Starbucks gift card.  Ahhh!  I enjoy indulging in a skinny vanilla latte every once in a while.  It brings me a moment of peace and sanity.  

 See, I told you I was spoiled.  The swap was so much fun.  I hope that Trina liked my favorite things as much as I liked hers.  Go take a minute to check out Trina's Blog.


Kodi said...

Trina is so thoughtful & sweet. The personalized CD was a great idea! I knew your pkg would include fingernail polish- Trina loves her some polish! :) Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

What a fun package! That CD was a brilliant idea.

Trina said...

Oh yay! So glad it came on time :)

I hope you like everything as much I as do. Thanks for being a great swap partner!

Trina said...

Oh Shelly, I just realized I wrote the wrong artist next to the song "Grace's Amazing Hands" - it's by Dave Barnes not Chris Mann :)

Allyson said...

Fun items! Love the CD idea.

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