September 13, 2011

Where We Met

Maybe I had been looking at all the cute ideas people have on Pinterest for too long.  Or maybe I was remembering the past through rose colored glasses.

For a while I had wanted to take a photo of the place where Pat and I first met.  If you've read my about me section you may have noticed we met in a hole in the wall college bar.  I thought a photo of the place could look artsy.   Maybe I could photo shop it into some glory.

While I was staying up in New England this summer for three weeks, I had an opportunity to stop for a photo.  I begged my sister to drive me to the location despite the traffic.  She was wonderful to go along with this idea.  Pat and I crossed the busy road in front, and I tried to snap photos in between the cars passing.  It was at this point that I realized the artsy photo I was looking for wasn't quite going to turn out no matter how much editing I would do.

I did get an urban snapshot of a closed down bar, but in my mind it will always have a slight glow around it and seem like a beautiful place.


1 comment:

~she~ said...

What a great idea! I don't have a spot where I actually met my husband but it would be neat to get a picture of us together at the spot where we first kissed. I can find it easily!

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