September 23, 2011


Kelly is doing a Show Us Your Life link-up about your favorite place to shop for adults.

As soon as I saw this topic, I knew what I was going to say.

This store is a fairly new find for me.  I believe I found it from another blogger.  And I know, when you hear Land's End you are probably thinking of your parents or frumpy mom style, but that is not Land's End CANVAS.  Lands' End Canvas is a more modern and fitted take on the casual and classic styles.  

Some of the best things about Land's End Canvas are the quality of clothing, customer service, and prices.  The clothing is top notch, not cheap-o stuff like you find at some stores these days.  The customer reviews are really helpful on this site which I love.  The prices are pretty good, but even better is that the clearance section almost always has awesome steals in it.  Plus, check out this return policy:

We care about the quality of our products and your satisfaction with them. Today, tomorrow, forever.

Our return policy is so simple it’s just two words long: Guaranteed. Period.®

It means you can return anything at anytime for any reason for a full refund of its purchase price.
I know I've mentioned this before on the blog, but this past spring, I placed an order.  I think I bought a pair of sandals and a bathing suit--both from the clearance section.  It was not a pricey order at all.  About a week after I received my order, a handwritten (yes, handwritten!) thank you note came in the mail from Land's End.  They really do care about their customers.  I highly recommend checking them out.  Here are a few of my favorite outfits from the website for fall.

Here are some cute pants that are in the clearance section right now for less than $30 a piece.  (The cords are $19.99)

I've been asked before about sizing.  That I'm not 100% sure about.  On my previous order I stuck with my normal size and followed what the reviews said.  I have an order of pants coming today and can update with fit a bit later.  Fingers crossed I don't have any to return.  

Because you guys are friends, let me share this coupon code I got this week.  For 25% any online purchase AND free shipping:  Promotion Code SAVE25  PIN 1231.  Valid thru 9/27.  



The Fischer Family said...

CUTE!!!! I will have to go check them out!

Jill said...

Thanks for sharing... I've school uniforms from Land's End for my 5 year old, but never thought to really check them out for myself. There Canvas line is really cute!

Anonymous said...

I found out about Land's End canvas from you, and I love them too! I ordered a swimsuit from there this summer (on sale, super good deal) and it was great. I also loved the handwritten thank you card.

Christina said...

WOW! I had no idea they had clothes like this. Thanks.

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