March 2, 2011

What I want to be when I grow up...

There was a question from the MilSpouse Friday Fill In that I wanted to answer, but because of my broken computer, I didn't get the chance to do it at the time.  The question was:

 If you could have any career in the world with nothing holding you back, what would you do? 

For me, this question has a few stages.  Please do not take any offense at my personal opinions...they are just that--my personal sentiments to answer this question.  

If you asked me this question back in the end of high school/beginning of college, I probably would have said I wanted to work in marketing/advertising.  (Hence my major.)  I guess I didn't have much ambition for changing the world; I just wanted to find a place in it at that time.  

If you asked me this question after I was married, I knew the most important place I could be was in the home raising my family.  I know it probably sounds 1950s-ish to most people, but I cannot imagine spending my days away from my boys.  For me it is so very important to savor these years before the children are of school age.  I've noticed in recent years people begin sending their children to school earlier and earlier, and there is definitely a side of me that wonders why.  But don't get me wrong, I've fallen into that trap too.  I like to think if we led a normal civilian life that I wouldn't be pushing my young son into school so early, but I am not sure.  I know that the socialization is good for him, but I think there are some parents that like to use the "it's good for them" as an excuse to really do what is good for themselves.  There are only so many years we get to spend with our children before they go to school and grow up.  If I want to have a career, I'm sure I can manage that after the children are in school/grown up.  I cannot have these special moments with the boys later.  Maybe I'm an overzealous parent, but I cannot think of anywhere or anything I'd rather be doing than helping my children learn and grow every minute that I can.  

There is a third part of my answer for this question though.  If there were NOTHING holding me back, my dream would be to work for an emergency response organization like the Red Cross.  Whenever a disaster strikes, I wish I could be doing something to really help.  I think that most people feel the same way when they see people suffering.  Maybe everyone wants to be a part of the team to help.  I know there are ways to help without actually being there, but my passion would be to be there in the thick of things helping people.  If I could be anything, I would want to be part of an emergency response team helping people during the moments of their greatest need.  I hope that one day I'll be able to make a difference like that in people's lives.  

Since I probably couldn't read your answers last friday, what would you want to do if nothing held you back?


Lisa said...

I really like your answer! : )

If nothing were holding me back, I would be a midwife with my own birthing center.

Anonymous said...

I soooo agree with you. I've always wanted to be a SAHM and I love it. When I started volunteering at the Red Cross last year, I've given a lot of thought to being part of a disaster team. I think it would be amazing. The Red Cross will even deploy volunteers across the world. When Lucy's out of the house I'm not sure if I will go to work...I'll probably just spend my time volunteering and working on hobbies ;)

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