March 17, 2011

Confessions of a Recent Shopaholic

I really need someone to pull me away from the online shopping.  I seem to always hit a phase right before the end of the deployment where I shop a lot.  I'm trying to get everything I know we'll need before we go back to the regular income.  I'm budgeting for everything, but I hate spending money.  I'm definitely more of a saver than a spender.

In just the past few days, I've purchased a down-alternative comforter from Macy's.  It was a pretty good deal, and I had been eyeing these for a while.  The reviews were great too.

So If I'm going to have a down comforter, I must get some duvet covers.

And while I was at it I realized we do need new sheets.

Then last night I saw a tankini I've been lusting over is still in the clearance section of a store website.  About a month ago I got one from Victoria's Secret for a whopping $15.15, and while it looks just fine, I am hoping this new one will make me feel fabulous when I put it on.  A girl can dream, right?

I don't know if I mentioned that my homecoming outfit is finally done.  I have a really cute dress, comfortable shoes (that were already in my closet), and a little accessory that pulls it all together perfectly.  Of course there will be pictures later.

And a few weeks ago I did some actual in store shopping at Old Navy.  I'm going to admit, I'm not usually that fond of ON for many reasons.  However, this spring/summer season I was seeing a lot that I like (mostly dresses and skirts).  Plus, since all we do in the spring/summer is play outdoors and get dirty, I do not like to invest much into my everyday, playing with the boys summer clothes.

But there is still one thing I really need to find--a pair of shorts.  I hate shorts, but I think I need a pair in case the dresses just don't cut it running after the boys everyday.  Or what if we go for long walks.  The trouble is I almost never get a chance to try stuff on.  If it doesn't come in S,M,L, I don't know what to buy.  So I'm waiting until I find the right pair or I get to a store and can spend some time seeing what works.    

Well, now that I think of it, it wouldn't hurt to get a pair of sandals or two...but those are so little they barely count as shopping, right?

I think I have a problem.... ;D


Erin said...

I always say nothing stimulates the economy like a military wife prepping for homecoming!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love the previous comment! So true. I got my duvet cover and shams in the mail yesterday, so now I need a down-alternative cover (send me the link of yours and tell me if you like it).

Nicole said...

Haha! I have been doing a lot of shopping myself and not just for homecoming. During this entire deployment. :/

Christina said...

I was over at Pamela's blog and saw your comment so I thought I would pop over and see your blog. My hubby leaves for his 3rd deployment next week. We are also planning a trip to Disney. Hope you have a great time. I love Disney and it's something really neat to look forward to.

Jessica said...

I too have been doing way too much shopping. :)

Can't wait to see pics of the homecoming outfit.

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