September 26, 2010

Coffee Is My Drug of Choice

Lately I've been craving coffee, which is weird because I've NEVER been a coffee drinker. I didn't like the taste or even the smell. Also, for some reason I grew up thinking of coffee as a bad habit. I had a negative connotation to coffee.

In the midst of the craving, I happened to catch a segment of the show "The Doctors" where they listed off 5 reasons to drink coffee:
1. Coffee is a great source of antioxidants
2. Coffee can apparently boost female sex drive
3. Cuts post work out muscle pain
4. May reduce heart rhythm disturbances
5. Morning cup can kick start your day

The next time I was at the grocery store I picked up a yummy flavor of coffee-mate, just in case I gave in to my urge.

A few days later, I brewed my first cup. (If you don't remember, my husband gave me a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas that I've used for teas and hot chocolates). I'm hooked. I enjoy the bitter yet sweet nature of coffee. I feel like there is something sophisticated about it. I think of it as an indulgence I can give myself.

I'm not sure if my new coffee habit is a result of it being the only thing I can really find time to give myself or if I was meant to be a coffee drinker all along.

Do you drink coffee? What kinds do you like or how do you drink it?

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