July 30, 2008

23 Minutes of Therapy

Last night my 23 minute phone call from Pat was like therapy.  It was one of the best phone calls we've had, and it really raised my spirits.  He called around 8 p.m. which was great for me since Ryan was already in bed.  This was one of the only times I've been able to focus solely on talking to Pat with no worries of entertaining Ryan, feeding him, or getting him down or up from a nap. It almost felt like I was on a date with my husband.  I sat out on our deck, reclined in a chair, watching fireflies in the field behind our house, and talk with my other half.  We talked about what was going on , and no matter the subject we were always on the same page.  After my 23 minutes, I returned to my house beaming with joy from hearing his voice.  I love him and miss him so much.  I'll be very happy when these 8 months are over.   

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