April 17, 2008

Daily Thoughts

There really isn't a good title for today's entry.  I just have some random thoughts to share and gripe about.  

How hard is it to get contacted by the FRG?  As a former FRG leader myself, I'm kind of annoyed with the units we've been with here.  It was originally a hassle to get on the e-mail list with the first unit they put Pat into here, but now I'm doing it all over again with the new unit.  I just want to be included considering my husband is leaving so soon.  So finally after asking again about getting put on the contact list, I finally got the call.  So, I'm not trying to be judgmental, but my FRG leader is a male.  This isn't a bad thing, but it is different.  He said he'd send me an e-mail about the upcoming FRG meeting, but did it get sent?  Not yet.  Why do I  think I'm going to have to ask about this again next week?  

Ryan's laugh can be just amazing.  The other afternoon we were standing outback on the deck and he was laughing hysterically at us.  We weren't doing much, but he thinks we are funny.  Of course when we got the video camera out to film it, his laugh turned into a giggle and he started acting shy.  For that matter when we take the camera out he won't roll over either.  I guess our little boy doesn't like being filmed.  This really is a fun age though.  He smiles all the time and loves when we play little games with him.  

One of Ryan's current habits is screeching.  It started off cute, but now it has become a little bit high pitched, shrill, and ear splitting.  He is happy to do this screeching thing most of the day.  It still is a little endearing, but I wish it didn't hurt so much to listen to.  It definitely is one of the baby phases that I will remember.  

We're going to be busy this weekend.  We have a lot that we want to do before Pat leaves.  This weekend we are going to video tape Pat reading lots of books to Ryan.  I'm sure that will be a cute but also sad moment for me to watch.  I really want to try to make it so Pat's presence is still around during the time he is gone.  Hopefully we'll have some fun memories from this weekend, at least that is the goal. 


Mroszczyk Family said...

Hey Shelly,

We are doing the same with the books on tape for Porter. I totally agree with you about it being sad to watch for us...

Did Pat tell you that we would like to come and see you and Ryan towards the end of May?? If it is ok with you, we would love, love to come! You are almost exactly halfway between TX and NY! Please let me know if this is ok so we can start planning!

And enjoy the heck out of the screeching and laughing. The screeching only becomes a huge problem when you are in stores. Then, it's not cool, haha.

Shelly said...

I'd love for you to come visit me. I'll send you an e-mail about this in the next few days. That would be awesome!

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