April 13, 2008


My husband must really like apples.  First, it was the silver apple earrings from Tiffany & Co. for Valentine's day.  Now he has really outdone himself.  This past week I received a gift from him that I never would have expected.  I'm actually typing on it right now....Yes, he got me a Mac Book.  (an apple computer laptop for those that aren't tech savvy).  This thing is very fast, has great features, and will make it amazingly easy to create/edit video to send him during his deployment.   It definitely is one of the coolest gadgets I've ever owned.  

Speaking of deployments, my personal opinion is that it sucks for everyone deployed before Aug. 1 having to stay 15 months.  I didn't expect anything different though.  I have to admit that it does work out nicely for us that Pat will only be gone for 11 months.  I definitely feel for all the families currently going through or getting ready for deployments.  The closer it gets the more I dread it.  It is agonizing waiting for it to get here when you know that you don't want it to come at all. 

Tomorrow is a day off from work for Pat.  We're spending it getting things ready for the inevitable.  I hope we can manage to find the fun in the everyday tasks we still have to complete.    


Mroszczyk Family said...

I hear ya on the deployment cycle, boo. We got word of Joe's replacement so it is just a matter of time before he arrives and Joe heads over. Even still, he will be looking at being over there for 8 or 9 months. On a seperate note, all of our friends that just got back from deployment are all getting Command positions and not even having to go to Career Course. Yup.

Anonymous said...

Now that you are a mac user, you will have to do the macarific thing and put the white apple sticker on your car window....denotes supreme intelligence just in case you were wondering over that other software system.

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