April 21, 2008

Bittersweet Food

Today Ryan had his first bit of baby food (well other than cereal, but I'm not counting that since I mix that with my milk).  He had squash tonight.  He really seemed to like it too.  For me this was bittersweet.  I am glad that he liked the food, but it also made me sad because up until now he's only eaten from me.  I feel so replaced by a tub of Gerber.  It's already been tough for me to get over the fact that he doesn't nurse in the middle of the night anymore, and now I have to deal with food.  I guess I need to get over the fact that my baby is growing up, but man, that is hard for me to accept.    

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Mroszczyk Family said...

Aww, I remember that :) I'm sure it must be really hard, but it is cool how big and strong he is getting. We just started whole milk last week, and I find myself going to get out the formula a lot still, haha. I just have it in my mind to one-two-three scoop with 6 ounces of water, haha. Now, he just drinks a bottle of milk before bed and in the morning. :(

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