June 19, 2012

My Heart Is Full

Thank you all for the well wishes and congratulations on our new baby girl. We are truly very blessed.

Today Leah is 6 days old. She had a check up yesterday. She is almost back to birth weight and is doing well all around. She is a natural at nursing which has been nice. Leah is a really good baby and so very sweet.

As for me the baby blues have hit. You know the crazy emotional period for a week or two postpartum when your hormones are all out of control. Yes it was me crying to my hubby yesterday that she is growing up too fast because she is going to be a week old on Wednesday (tomorrow). It was also me that woke my husband up at 3 am last night to yell at him for putting the baby to sleep so well because I wanted/needed her to nurse more. My poor husband has been an angel dealing with me though.

The boys love Leah already. Sean loves putting the blanket on her legs and gently rubbing her head. Ryan has been a huge help with everything. He sings to the baby, kisses her, and always want to have a turn holding her.

I am so happy and feel complete. My heart is full.


The Fischer Family said...

She is precious Shelly!!!

Jamie said...

Oh my word. Too cute. Congratulations.

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