June 27, 2012

Let's Talk About Selling

I'm not sure anyone is fond of the process of selling a home.  Right now I'm pretty discouraged with it.  However, I have to remind myself that things are working out just the way they should.

Remember how devastated I was when our move was cancelled and then pushed back due to the Army?  If that had not happened, most likely given the slow real estate market, I would have been stuck down here in TN giving birth while my husband was working/living up in RI.  So in that regard we're actually lucky.

Would you believe me if I told you that the day I was discharged from the hospital with my brand new two day old baby, we get a call to show the house 5 minutes after we walked in the door?  (And how about the SAME EXACT thing happened when we had our first baby in Oklahoma too).  Neither time did it result in an offer.  And to make it worse this time, we loaded up the car with me, Pat, my mother, the three kids, and two dogs.  We go out for the hour they requested only to find out later that no one ever showed up to walk through.  

So we've been on the market for just over a month.  Showings are slim.  The market is just moving slowly.  There are lots of houses for sale.  I thought summer would be a great time to sell, but it is not quite what I anticipated.

But the biggest blessing in not having a sale yet is that through all the research we've been doing on where we're going, we've revised not only our budget, but also the town we want to buy in.  We're now looking at an area with awesome schools, a town feel, and a great location to everything we want to be near.  However, because it's a smaller town that we're looking at now, there is less inventory on the market.  There is one house that would be ideal, but since we don't have a sale, only time will tell if that house will be our home.

The other good thing about not selling yet is that means less time that our family will be living away from Pat.  However, I am hoping that we can be moving by September.  I'm really anxious to set up the nursery, decorate the kids' rooms, and paint the house.

So until I get a sale, I'll be looking at houses online and pinning decorating ideas to pinterest.  Hopefully more people start coming through the house soon.

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