June 2, 2012

Fifty Shades of...Weird

I know, everyone is talking about it. It's been reviewed about a gazillion times. I read the first book last weekend, and I just have to share my thoughts on it too.

I didn't read too many descriptions of the book, so when I saw other bloggers saying that it was too over the top, too erotic, full of sex, I thought maybe they were prudish.  Sorry to any bloggers who tried to warn me, and I didn't believe them.  I consider myself quite liberal, so I thought it may have just been a difference of opinion.  After all, the book is being touted as "lady porn" or "mommy porn".

I honestly do not know what ladies or mommies those reviewers are hanging out with.  If you are one of the ones that love this book, please don't take offense.  I just don't understand the descriptions of it.  It's way more up my husbands alley than it is mine.

For the first 40 or so pages, I was completely taken with Christian Grey's charm, propriety, and of course the description of his good looks.  I even commented to my hubby saying "At least Edward Cullen had a known fault...he was a vampire."  Boy did I speak too soon regarding Christian Grey.

I guess I didn't expect a book being referred to as chick lit having so much explicit sex content, including bondage, and very little romance.

I will admit it is a quick, easy read.  It's slightly addicting to see what happens to the characters, but I'm not so sure I want to read the other two books.  I'm almost happy with where it ended after the first one, and I would rather just make up a quick ending and not waste my time reading two more books.  I'm sure my reading time could be spent with more quality literature.

For those of you who have read the other books, do you recommend I read on?  Or should I quit where I'm at since I'm not too impressed with it anyway?


KERRY said...

Hey Shelly, I stopped at the first one with a couple of chapters to go. I was concerned some may think I am prudish after my comments on my blog about it but my aversion to it was the controlling nature and dominance of his character, I do not condone violence be it in any form and I think it sends out the wrong message to young inexperienced women. I also think Ana was too young and naive which led me to think it was too unbelievable for her to go for his type.
Long story short, I will NOT be reading any further. I stand my ground when it comes to abuse of any form...it really left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know why it is labelled as mummy porn when her character was only 21 anyway. I just don't do control freaks!

Julie Danielle said...

I am only 25% in to the first one. I want to finish it because I really need to see what the fuss is about but at this point I think the writing is horrible and I am not really liking the characters much. Maybe they will grow on me? A lot of my friends love the books so I really am curious how I will feel at the end. At the same time I find it easy to read and it doesn't feel like a chore which is how I normally feel when I am not a big fan of the characters.

The Fischer Family said...

I decided not to hop on the bandwagon with this one. I'm not worried about being offended by it but I've heard the writing is mediocere at best and the topic just doesn't interest me. If you didn't really like the first one...don't torture yourself with the rest.

Kodi said...

I read the first two and about half of the third book before I decided they were filth and not for me. I wish I hadn't wasted my time.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read these books and have no plan to. There are just too many good books out there to get sucked into lackluster series (seems there are a TON of those out now trying to jump on the "Women love to read series" bandwagon). Thanks for sharing your thoughts, so I know I'm not missing anything!

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