June 8, 2012

I'm Happy It's Friday

It's been a few days since I last posted.  No, the baby is not here.  I've just been trying to get back into the swing of things after the weekend.  Our house has now had 2 showings.  The feedback is good, but I think it will just take a while sell.  Other than cleaning constantly and the normal stuff like playing outside with the kids, I thought I'd do a quick photo update of things around here lately.  

1.  I won a blog giveaway and received some Mark. makeup in the mail.  I'm excited to try it, especially the waterproof eyeliner.  I like eyeliner on other people, but for me it either looks bad when I put it on or it runs.  I'll let you know if I like this one.  
2.  My new TOMS for summertime came in the mail.  They are so comfy and light.  While I will admit that TOMS are not the most sturdy shoes, the comfort level is unsurpassed.  
3.  Speaking of shoes, my dear, sweet friend sent these adorable baby booties for the baby.  It makes me so excited about having a baby girl.  I cannot wait to meet her.  
4.  I've been craving oatmeal a lot lately.  I tried the oatmeal at McDonald's recently, and it was really good.  Then at the hotel last weekend I had a bowl at breakfast.  I realized that when I make oatmeal it doesn't taste as good.  So finally, I think I've conquered my oatmeal challenge.  I've found that it is the best when cooked on the stove top, NOT the microwave.  Yesterday I had a delicious bowl of homemade oatmeal.   
5.  Despite Pat's plans for a man-cation tonight with friends, leaving me to bring the boys to get the oil changed on my car in the morning, I have high hopes for a fun weekend.  We plan to bring the boys to the splash park on Saturday, and on Sunday my mom is coming to town.  I'm happy it is Friday!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Sally said...

That oatmeal does look good...it makes me want to make oatmeal craisin cookies!

The Fischer Family said...

Oatmeal is so much better on the stove. Try mixing in some apple butter...it tastes like eating apple pie...for breakfast! No lie! And my kids loved it too!!

Poekitten said...

So glad you got the make up! I hope you enjoy the eyeliner:)

I totally agree about the toms...but I love that i can just slip them on and go. So important when you can't bend over to tie your shoes! I think they are ugly but wear them because they are so comfy!!!

Christina said...

I love the TOMS!!!!

The baby booties are adorable and I will bet you can't wait to put them on your new daughter.

Now you have me craving some oatmeal....I will surely have this for breakfast tomorrow!

KERRY said...

When I saw that oatmeal on Instagram I instantly said yum!! Looks great :)
Mustn't be long now til baby girl arrives!?

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