January 19, 2012

What's In Your Bag?

I'm linking up with Becky over at The Branches for a what's in your bag link-up.  Go on over and join in the fun.

The bag I'm currently carrying is a casual canvas bag that I bought during a Thirty-One Fundraiser at Ryan's preschool.  It's a great bag that fits tons of stuff.  It was great for traveling over the holidays.
And here's what's inside:

  1. Keys
  2. Vera Bradley coin purse
  3. Vera Bradley zip around wallet
  4. iphone
  5. Optimus Prime Cell Phone (Ryan's)
  6. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in graped-up (Posted about HERE.)
  7. Kate Spade Glasses (that I should wear more often instead of just carrying around)  (Posted about HERE)
  8. EOS Lip Balm that I got in a blog swap.  
  9. Eclipse Mints
  10. Tylenol for the headaches that pregnancy sometimes brings.  
  11. Vera Bradley bag full of band-aids, neo-to-go, more lip balm, hair clips, tampons, eye drops, etc.  
  12. Foldable Travel Potty Seat (Buy HERE).  This may seem weird, but it is seriously priceless.  In potty training both my boys got the hang of it, but toilets in public places pose different challenges.  This seat has really added to the success of public potty trips.  Definitely worth it!
  13. Flushable Wipes are great for the potty trips I mentioned above.  
  14. Extra pull-ups or a change of underwear in a pampers diaper bag I got for free. 
I also have a spare plastic bag in there just in case of issues while out.  And of course before any trip I toss some snacks in the bag too.

So what's in your bag?


AnNaRicHiE said...

i called it my diaper bag (still) .to be honest with you,my bag is a big mess.I bring something I really dont use.I only get a decent bag when I have a date with hubby ,it means I switch bags. But just like you ,some of the items you have I also have.

Amanda said...

Love all the super cute Vera items! When I lived in SoCal nobody had ever heard of her, but now that I'm back in the South, she's everywhere and I love it :)

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Love all the colors and fabrics in your bag! I was just introduced to EOS and am now obsessed, even my girls had to have their own b/c they wouldn't stop taking mine...lol

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