January 13, 2012

The Laundry Fight

Getting laundry done in general is a fight in this house, but that's not the fight I'm talking about.

The other night the hubby decided he would fold the laundry.  Every night I am exhausted, nauseous, cranky, and pretty much just feeling too done with the day to move.  So hubby and I were sitting together on the bed while he was folding.  I realize this makes me sound very lucky to have a hubby willing to fold laundry.  However, after a while my urge to be cranky overwhelmed me, and I let loose on the poor guy.

My pet peeve when hubby folds the laundry is he doesn't sort it....like at all.  All the clothes are mixed in together--my clothes, his clothes, the boys clothes---shirts, pants, it doesn't matter.  Hubby also will not put any of the laundry away.  So I'll end up with a basket to sort and put away anyway.  The last straw though was when I saw that nothing in the piles was going in the same direction.  (I'll admit, maybe I'm a little particular!)  I at least expect the collars of all the t-shirts in the same direction.  After all, this is the same man that at the beginning of our marriage insisted I fold his boxers 3 times at the top and then 3 times up the legs; no other way was acceptable.

So as I said my mean side came out.  (I blame the mean side coming out as often as it does these days on the pregnancy).  Thankfully Pat did chuckle a bit because some of my points are legit, but I think I've lost his help on the laundry anytime in the near future.


Lisa said...

This made me chuckle because we have had that same argument, but over the way the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher. I think there's a best way to do it that gets the most in there. : ) When he caught me "re-doing" what he had put in there, I lost his help loading the dishwasher.

Amanda said...

I had to chuckle too because we've had the dishwasher argument, and where the dishes get put away when they're clean - especially utensils. I'm learning that unless I'm willing to do it (my husband does most of the dishes), just keep my mouth shut and move along. I can do it my way when it's my chore.

The New "Normal" said...

This gave me a good laugh because we have had the same argument. He doesn't fold the towels the right way, he folds the jean three times over instead of my way, and so on...I find myself re-folding at times! But we have the same argument on the dishwasher, putting the dishes away, etc. but I'm slowly learning to let go of some of my OCD tendencies so at least he helps! I feel for ya !!

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