May 14, 2011

Misery Monday

That's what I'm calling the one coming up.  I cannot wait for Monday to be over.  I'm not usually one that wishes time away, but when it's time spent at the dentist office I do.  I'm pretty irritated and upset about this.

Remember last week I was going to the dentist for a dreaded appointment?  It had been a year since I had been seen.  I knew there was a good possibility of me needing a little work.  I haven't had any work done in years.  After looking at the x-rays the dentist thinks that I should have two of my fillings replaced just to be on the safe side with those teeth.  Fine.  I expected having work done.

What I didn't expect was that when I made an appointment after telling them I hadn't been in for a year, that it does NOT include a cleaning.  Apparently you have to book that separate.  I've never been to a dentist that works this way, and frankly, I am not planning on going back after Monday.  Did they think I wanted to just talk about how my teeth were dirty?  And I guess they do not think my time is very precious to me.

And what makes me even more frustrated is that on Monday, I have the appointment for my fillings, after that I have to wait 40 minutes until a hygienist can FINALLY clean my teeth.  I think this is just reinforcing my dislike for dental appointments.

How does your upcoming week look?  I hope it is going to start a lot more enjoyable than mine.

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