April 13, 2010

Manners and Bubbah

Now that most of the introductions from the UBP have been made and there are lots of new followers on all the blogs, I'm finding myself nervous about the first real post that I make. I guess I feel pressure. So I'm just going to try to be myself and write about things I love and hope that you enjoy reading it.

We had lots of fun on this past long weekend including a trip to the zoo, a family fun fair on post, family photos, and just lots of playing outside. I can say that I am very proud of what a good boy Ryan is (most of the time). I realized while he was playing in the bouncy house at the fair, that I may have actually done something right. Ryan was bouncing and bouncing having so much fun in there, and every time he passed another little kid he made sure to say "'scuse me". He was also one of the few little kids in there that didn't shove everyone else. (He was shoved around a lot by a little girl in a ballerina outfit. ;) Now, don't get me wrong, my kid isn't perfect. In fact I'm leaving out the part where he made two kids cry within five minutes by accidentally colliding with them, but accidents happen, right? I also think it is too cute when Ryan says "goo", which is his word for thank you. He will even say "'scuse me" after he burps. So I can breath slightly easier for just a second and feel accomplished that I'm on the right track parenting him.

However, I think that we lose a bit of credibility as parents when we call our youngest son, "Bubbah" in public all the time. I wonder what people are thinking of us. We aren't hillbillies, the nickname came about from the way Ryan says "baby". From the time we introduced the boys, Ryan's been calling Sean "Bubbah", and after a while it caught on with everyone. I'm starting to make an effort to make it known that his name is Sean and not Bubbah. Once in a while Ryan will call him "Gone", which I guess is better than Bubbah, so we are getting there.

Time is flying by, and at this point I'd like to have a slow motion button to press. Pat leaves next month. Thankfully we still have block leave to look forward to before the goodbye arrives. We are planning a little trip down to Atlanta. We've never been, and since we're driving with kids we wanted to keep the drive relatively short. Has anyone been to ATL? I will say that I'm a little apprehensive about the hotel stay and all the eating out that we'll be doing with the kids, but I must conquer my fear. I'm sure we'll have an awesome time.


Krissy said...

I completely understand! I always feel pressure whenever I post something. I always feel like my posts won't be good enough for my readers, but then I realize it's my blog. If they like me, they should enjoy what I write. :)

Found you from UPB and am now following you as well! I think your blog is adorable and hope you visit us as well!


Dawn said...

Sweetie I think you are delightful!
I hope you never change. I enjoy reading your stories and the details you use to explain.
It is your blog so enjoy what you post.
How is the SU going? Have you gotten your kit yet?

Dawna said...

I know what you mean... We have called our oldest "Bubbah" or "Bubby" since he was a tiny munchkin. He's half way to 17 now. I recall my grandmother (who has always been rather hoity toity) saying that it was a very derogatory name in the South. We didn't live in the South, and Dh started calling him it... it was also his favorite singer's (Jimmy Buffett) nickname. :-) Eh... what's it matter what other people think, if we like it? Right? :-)

Christine said...

So cute that he's polite!

Just wanted to add that I love your header on here!

Raising Z said...

what a wonderful little man you have raised, you should be proud! I am glad you guys had a good weekend and hope that the next month is filled with wonderful memories. I am so sorry that you have to say "good-bye" again.

Krista said...

I'm so sad that your husband is leaving. I can't even imagine what that would be like. I dated a guy in college who was in the Army and now has been to Iraq at least twice.

Anyways... go to the Atlanta Aquarium! I haven't been to ATL with kids, but I'm SURE they would love it! It's really really nice! And the CNN plaza has a really cool Olympic rings fountain outside that you can play in if it's warm enough!

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