May 5, 2009


Yesterday was our first day at the park. Ryan rode his first rides ever. It was really cute to watch him see all the new stuff. He really didn't know what to make of the rides, but he didn't mind them. After riding Journey into Imagination, Ryan got to play in the Imagination Lab. He and his cousin, Jack, had so much fun dancing on the music squares that would light up on the floor. When you stepped on them you'd hear the instrument's noise. The boys seriously could have stayed there all day.
It was a very long day for Ryan. Because of the timing of everything, Ryan had skipped his first nap. He ended up falling asleep on Spaceship Earth. Poor little kid was completely exhausted. He's almost having too much fun, I think. He's running around everywhere, which is keeping me and Pat very busy.

The only downside is that Ryan isn't sleeping so well in the pack n' play. He's okay napping in it, but seems to think it is too small and confining for his bedtime since he usually enjoys rolling around.

Today we're off to the Magic Kingdom and have big plans there. You'll read all about that in the next entry.

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