May 9, 2009

Disney Studios

It was our last day to go to the parks, so we headed to Disney Studios since we hadn't been there yet.  Most of the family went to go on the thrill rides, and my mother and I took Ryan to the Little Mermaid show and on the Great Movie Ride.  He enjoyed the ride because he was again sitting like a big boy and got to point at everything around.  He like the Wizard of Oz scene the best, but he was even excited for Casablanca, so that was great.  He thought the Little Mermaid show was okay.  Sometimes he liked it and other times he just wanted to leave.  

When we met up with everyone else we went to Muppet's 3D.  Ryan won't wear 3D glasses, so he mostly just sits there.  Thank goodness for Pat's cell phone.  That entertained him through most of the show.  

Pat and I picked up some Christmas ornaments at the store there to commemorate this trip for ourselves and Ryan.  We'll always remember Ryan's first trip to disney world.  

After Disney Studios we went to lunch at a little diner at the Dolphin hotel.  We'd been there earlier in the week, and it was a great, quick place to get some food.  It was casual so that worked well for the kids.  

We spent the afternoon at the pool again.  Ryan loved swimming in the kiddie pool.  After a while Pat brought him into the big pool.  While Ryan loved playing there, he didn't understand why Pat wouldn't let him go to swim on his own.  He's such an independent little boy.  When we get home we're going to go buy Ryan a little pool for our backyard.  (I mean real LITTLE though).  Auntie Rie took all the photos down at the pool, so right now I don't have any to post.  

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