March 27, 2008

Keep On Rolling

Yesterday was a great day! Ryan rolled over!!!!!! It was so amazing to see. We were so lucky that both Pat and I were around to see it. He is still working on rolling the other way, and he is getting really close. I think he'll soon be able to roll both ways.

I still can't believe how big he's getting. We started to set up his "big boy" stroller today. I must say that I really like this new stroller, and I think he'll like using it when the time is right too. Tomorrow he goes for his 4 month well-baby appointment. I'm sure I'll post an update with his new stats when we get back from it.

1 comment:

Mroszczyk Family said...

Yeay Ryan! That is fantastic!! I remember back when Porter rolled for the first time, but Joe missed it. I am so glad that Pat got to see it!!

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