March 6, 2008

Just Another Day

Nothing too much is new. It's just another day here at our house.

Ryan is feeling so much better. He has been so happy, or at least it seems that way since he is no longer suffering from that cold. We are having so much fun with him. It is so cute to find something new that makes him laugh. His laugh is my favorite sound. Tonight we found blowing raspberries on his cheeks makes him laugh a lot. These moments are just too precious. Sometimes I feel like I don't want him to grow up.

Pat and I are trying to find a kennel for our dogs in case I ever need to make a trip away. We are not having much success. One annoyance is our county of Tennessee does not want to follow the state standard for vaccines, and in order to board dogs you have to get extra immunizations. (Blah!) Plus the only decent place we've found so far would cost us $80 a night for our dogs. I'm not quite that rich, and that would turn into one expensive trip. Maybe I won't be going anywhere...ever...(Blah, Blah!) This is one thing that I miss in Lawton. We loved the pet resort there. I guess I'll keep looking.

We have more family visiting this weekend, so I'm sure we'll be busy. There is a lot of stuff around the house to be done though. I still have a ton of laundry to fold and need to make the extra beds. One fun thing this weekend is Pat's birthday is on Sunday. He'll finally be the same age as me and can stop calling me old.

Here is a picture of Ryan that my sister took last weekend.

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