March 11, 2008

He did it!

Ryan slept in his crib for the first time last night. I think the transition was harder on me than on him. He slept really well. I slept terribly. I was listening to the monitor and sneaking into his room to check him constantly. I can't believe what a big boy my baby is becoming. He is growing up too fast, but I'm enjoying every minute with him.

So today started of badly too. I was cranky because of the lack of sleep. Abbey jumped up and knocked me in the head. Of course she hit my glasses, and now they are bent and look silly. Since I was overtired, I had a mini fit and was upset. Hopefully I'll be able to get the glasses fixed today.

Now my day is getting much better though. Ryan is in a good mood and napping pretty well. The dogs are enjoying the beautiful day outside, and I was able to talk to my friend on the phone. I'll hopefully sleep better tonight, but I still miss having Ryan in my room.

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