February 8, 2013

"Mice To Know You!" DIY Valentine

I got the idea for this DIY Valentine from FamilyFun Magazine Feb. 2013 issue.  I modified it slightly.   It was a fun little project to do with the kids.  I cannot wait for Ryan to bring these valentines to his class.   Here is what I used:

*Gray yarn for the tails
*Yellow paper for the base to be the "cheese"
*Pink paper cut into small hearts  (I used a Fiskers paper punch.)  
*Googly eyes
*Silver Hershey's Kisses
*I used a tape runner, mini glue dots, and dimensional adhesives.  You can really use whatever you have on hand that you think will work. 
Cut your pink hearts out.
Use the tape runner on one side of the pink paper heart and place it on the end of one kiss.  Now use the tape runner on the top side of the paper heart.
Place the other kiss on the heart.  Now your little mouse has ears.  Make sure you pull the "kisses" flag out of the kisses.
Add the googly eyes.
Next I put an adhesive dimensional dot on a yellow triangle base.  I placed a small piece of yarn on the adhesive.  This will be the tail of the mouse.  
You'll need a second dot for the bottom base of the mouse.  In the picture I put the dimensional adhesive on the mouse, but as I did more I found it easier to just put a second dot slightly overlapping with the tail dot on the triangle base and then press the mouse onto it.  Use your adhesive in whatever way you find easiest.
Attach your mouse to the triangle paper base.  
Add a message to the valentine.  You could use "Mice to know you!" or "I think you are very Mice!" or "You are a Mice friend."
There you have a cute DIY Valentine.
Aren't they adorable Valentine's Day mice?

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Jonnique said...

Very good! They look so real!!! Thanks for the follow! I am already a follower of your blog!!!!

The Fischer Family said...

So cute Shelly!!

Rachel Easley said...

Stopping by from FFF...ohhhh those are so cute! I can't wait till my little one gets a bit older so that we can do crafts together. Happy Friday!!

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

Awwwwwwww! These are absolutely ADORABLE!

Gale said...

Those are adorable! Pinned this! http://pinterest.com/pin/259097784784388907/

Kate@StillRoomToGrow said...

how cute is that!

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

SO cute! :-) I would never be able to come up with something so creative!

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