February 16, 2013

Mason Jars for Organizing in the Kitchen

I have a board on Pinterest called Mason Jar Love.  Mason jars are so popular, and like everyone else, I love the look of them.
But until last week I didn't have a single mason jar in my house.  I am not one to collect things unless I have a use for them.  I try to avoid clutter because no matter what I do it accumulates anyway.  With the new year, I've been motivated to organize my home.  While playing around on Pinterest last week I saw my mason jar board and felt inspired.  I made a special trip to the store to find some jars, and have been brainstorming functional ways to use mason jars in my house since.

I have found that they are great for storing my brown sugar and confectioners sugar.  Since both of these come in bags, they are awkward to store in the cabinets, and I do not want anything else on my counters--remember I said things tend to get cluttered.  I also like to make a cinnamon sugar mixture to have on hand in a small jar.

labeled with washi tape

Oh and a little tip for keeping your brown sugar soft is to put a couple marshmallows in with the sugar.  

Next time I buy rice it will be going in a jar too.  I feel like it is easier to organize my cabinets using mason jars.  Any other ideas for mason jars to organize the kitchen?


Andrea @ Mostly Happenstance said...

I've never heard the marshmellows in brown sugar. I will have to try that out.

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

I LOVE that idea! Mason Jars are quite possibly my favorite thing on the planet. :) LOL! So many uses!

The Fischer Family said...

I love mason jars too but don't have any either! This is cute and practical. Love it!!

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