February 29, 2012

I did it again.

I did it again.  I've signed up with one of the home based sales companies.  I know that some people hate the idea of these sales, while other people think they're fun.

This time I've signed up to be Scentsy Independent Consultant.

You would have thought I'd learned my lesson already from the past few experience I've had with stuff like this, right?  As soon as I signed up, panic rushed through me.  I was immediately concerned that I had made a mistake.

But I feel like there are a couple things that make this different.  First and foremost, I really like the products.  I enjoy having a clean smelling home, a fresh scent in the car, and the smell of clean laundry.  Scentsy products fit in with my life, and are things I use daily even if I weren't selling them.  I like that the scents are warmed without burning.  Plus you are capable of changing the scent frequently without much expense.  And there is a whole new line of products coming out next month that I'm excited to try.

The second aspect that really made me decide to become an independent consultant was the flexibility that Scentsy provides.  Unlike most sales companies, did you know that with Scentsy there are not quotas that have to be met?  You only have to place one order (any amount) during the 6 month period from July 1-Dec 31.  So at least I won't end up throwing money away.  If I sell stuff great, if not at least I can buy my own items.

Before you all start worrying that my blog is going to become a giant sales pitch, it's not.  This is my personal blog, and it will remain that way.  I'm only sharing this with you because it is part of my personal life.  I know these types of things aren't for everyone and that is fine with me.  I just wanted to share my apprehension and excitement with all of you.  

If you would like to shop Scentsy products, you will find a button that links to my personal website in the sidebar.  If you want to ignore everything in this post, you can do that too.


Julie Danielle said...

I know you will have fun selling it :)

I never thought I would do direct sales. My Grandparents were really big into Amway and my parents sold it a bit when I was young but I never thought it was for me. But like you said, I love Scentsy anyway so it has worked out really well for me.

Anonymous said...

That is cool you don't have to meet any quotas, that is the most stressful part.

Micah hasforbid me from signing up for any sell from home thing again....ha! I don't blame him though, it's not for me (though I wish it were).

Good Luck!

The New "Normal" said...

I love Scentsy products! I tried home sales once a few years ago and it wasn't really for me. But that's really cool that they don't have quotas to be met. I think that was my biggest problem because I didn't want to ask people to buy stuff. That would be great to just be able to do as much as you wanted and at the very least buy stuff for yourself! I hope it is very successful for you! :)

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