February 13, 2012

Oh Mr. Clean Where Are You?

All weekend Pat and I have completely busted our butts getting the house ready for going on the market.  We're meeting Realtors this week and should have the house listed by the end of the week.

Maybe you don't understand just how much stuff and dirt we had.  It has literally taken us all weekend to get as far as we are and I still have quite a bit of stuff to get done today.  I wish Mr. Clean were around to help.  His magic erasers aren't cutting it alone.

I'm beyond exhausted.  Last night it was after midnight when I finally fell into bed.  I told Pat I wasn't sure my body would be able to get out of bed in the morning.  My entire body was so sore and tense I couldn't even sleep last night.  Thankfully this morning I'm feeling slightly better but completely run down.

I am so hoping that we'll get a reasonably quick sale to make me feel like this is worth it, but I also am very aware of reality.  I'm also hoping that since we've worked so hard to get the house back to clean and have stored so much "stuff" that it will be easy to have it show ready at all times.

I honestly cannot wait for next weekend.  I just want to be lazy all weekend.  But alas, it's only Monday. I'm so happy that it is only a 4 day work week.  I need the long weekend next weekend.

Now I must get Ryan ready for school.  Hopefully we'll have a nap this afternoon.  By the way,  I also wanted to add, I absolutely LOVE my Scentsy order.  My house smells like Pima Cotton, and I love that.

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The New "Normal" said...

I can't even begin to imagine packing up our house and cleaning it to move. It would take me forever! I hope things move quickly and you don't have to keep things "show ready" for too long!

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