February 24, 2012

Bedtime and Lack of Sleep

I'm tired.  Or maybe utterly exhausted fits better.  I'm worn out mentally and physically.

The whole are we moving or are we not has taken a toll on my spirit.  And by the way, now they're trying to push back the next assignment and have it held for Pat until the winter.  I am kind of doubtful of that working, and I'm pretty much just feeling done with dealing with their "plans".

I'm sleeping terribly.  My body is fat.  I feel like I have less energy this pregnancy compared to my other two.  Maybe that would be because I'm getting older and now I'm trying to keep up with TWO little boys.

 So here's a question for you.  Who puts the kid(s) to bed in your house?  Do you share that responsibility or is that one person's specific task?

I'll be honest and say that lately I'm hating bedtime.  Pat won't/cant put the kids to bed, so every night it falls on me.  Before the boys shared a room Ryan went down really well, and Sean needed me to stay with him.  Now they both feel like I should sit in their room "all night", which really just means until they fall asleep, but that could be over an hour.  I refuse, and they call for me repeatedly.  It ends up I have to yell at them almost every single night, and that just makes me hate bedtime all the more.

And to top it off one or both of them seems to end up in my bed almost every night.  Last night 2 hours after I went to sleep, I woke up to Ryan coughing.  Ryan has an allergy issue that affects him the most at night.  I'm pretty sure his stuffed animals were irritating his allergies.  So he ends up in my bed.  I get him more medicine.  He coughs about every 8 seconds.  I cannot stand the sound of coughing...I know I have a weird pet peeve.  So I cannot sleep and decide deal with the stuffed animal issue now.  The doctor told me to put them in the freezer every so often for about 24 hours to kill the allergens.  We'll see how it works.

I finally end up back in bed and Ryan's cough has quieted down, when shortly after that Sean starts crying in his bed.  Pat has a Division Run today, so I knew it wouldn't be good for him if we had both kids in the bed.  I run to Sean's bed and lay with him for a while.  5:00 a.m. Pat comes to see where I am.  I was awake and leave Sean's room to go back to my own bed.  Then from 5-7 I had some glorious sleep, but it isn't enough.

Between all this, I've been snappy and mean quite a bit.  I need to focus this weekend on getting back to good through quality time and relaxation.  I'm sure next week will look better.


Monica said...

When my husband is around, he gets our daughter to bed. She's 2.5. He gives her a bath, gets her in her jammies and reads her books and then we both say goodnight. That used to be my one "downtime" during the day and I lived for it. Now that we also have a 2 month old, it's not as relaxing for me. He used to get the baby to bed for me also, but now the little guy is up so much and my husband has to get to sleep before the baby falls asleep so I usually get him to bed now. Why doesn't your husband help you with them at bedtime? I'm assuming he's usually at work during the day and if he doesn't help with bedtime, when does he help? I hope you get some sleep soon. I know how much it sucks to be sleep deprived and I'm in that boat with you too right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are going through such a rough time. Sleep deprivation is the worst!

Most nights I do the bedtime routine, but Micah will typically join us for book reading/goodnights. About 2/3 nights a week he will do it though. Maybe Pat could take over for a few nights a week or split it up.

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