March 1, 2012

24 Weeks Update

I'm about 24 weeks pregnant now.  I feel like the time between 20 weeks to 30 weeks goes by pretty slowly.  Things are going well.  I feel the baby move a lot.  Somedays she moves more than others.  Usually I feel the movement down very low still.  I have Pat feel the baby move frequently, but it sometimes freaks him out feeling something moving inside me.  Lately no food has been satisfying to me.  Nothing tastes good these days.  It doesn't taste bad, but it just seems blah.  I've never felt that way in pregnancy before.  I'm sleeping okay--not great, but I'm getting by.  I'm feeling pretty big, and I still have a lot of time to grow.  I suffer from heartburn almost every day.  Overall though, things have been going great.  
We haven't bought almost anything for baby girl.  We did buy a carseat though.  Ours is old, and I caught a good deal on amazon.  We haven't purchased any clothes though.  I'm not sure why we haven't.  I feel like we need to make a shopping trip soon.

During my first two pregnancies, I was hoping for boys.  I was really drawn to boys clothes with cute little animals on them.  This time I was secretly hoping for a girl and have found an appreciation for all the pink and ruffles.  It feels like I'm exploring a whole new world with the girl stuff.

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The New "Normal" said...

I remember those weeks between 20 and 30 week feeling like it took forever! But then the last weeks flew by! Little girl stuff is so much fun, all the pink and flowers and cute :) I hope food starts tasting better soon - that's no fun!

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