February 7, 2012

On The Market

We spent the entire weekend preparing our house to be put on the market.  Things seem to be moving in the right direction with our move, and since we are on a time crunch to move before the baby arrives the house really should have been on the market like yesterday.   We're hoping to get it listed for sale next week.  So for the rest of this week and next weekend we are working big time to finish making our house clean.  (Although Pat is in the field during the week, so a lot falls on me.)

I really hate selling a home.  I hate having people walking through our stuff and critiquing everything.  I hate the constant pressure to have the home looking perfect.  There are two things that will always work against us when selling:  1.  We have three dogs and 2.  we have two kids.

One of the things we've done in hopes of getting a quick sale is put massive amounts of stuff into storage.  All toys are in storage.  Any excess furniture is in storage.  The clutter is gone (and I love that!).  We are trying to live as minimally as we can.  There have been many trips to Goodwill this week.  It's nice to feel our load get lighter.  I've also placed a scentsy order to have a clean, fresh smell in our house.

Anyone have any tips/tricks that you used when selling a home?  Any recent experiences selling?  How long were you on the market?

Also, speaking of the housing market, I've been keeping a very close eye on the market in the towns we are looking to buy in.  One town seems to have the best houses considering what we are looking for.  Pat and I had two favorites.  Yesterday our second favorite went under contract.  Our first choice had just come on the market last week, so I was hoping we would get a chance to see it next month when I'm up there.  Today our favorite house went under contract too.  I guess they really were good houses then.  Hopefully the right house will be available for us when we are ready to buy.  We can't wait  too long, so I'm crossing my fingers more great houses come on the market in the near future.


Julie Danielle said...

Good luck with the house! I admit that part of owning a house scares me. I hope we don't have to sell ours for a long time but still dreading it...lol Good idea putting stuff in storage though. When you have less clutter it is much easier to keep things clean.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you guys are moving and Pat got the dream job he wanted???? I may have missed something. Good luck (the storage idea is great)!

Jill said...

Good luck to you guys!!! We are talking about putting our house up next year and I'm already losing sleep over the thought of all that has to be done... I'm looking forward to learning from you in the process. Hopefully that'll help my anxiety! :)

Selena said...

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