July 25, 2009


So far this weekend has really been an example of what I think weekends are supposed to be. This morning when we were all up, Pat took Ryan to get his hair cut. I chose to let them have some Daddy-Ryan bonding time and stayed home to get some stuff done. Pat and Ryan came home with donuts and a lot less hair (at least for Ryan). Ryan has such a big boy haircut. The top is still fairly long, but the back is so short. Pat calls it faded. While Ryan does look really cute, a little bit of me is sad to see him growing up.

We played in the yard during the midmorning. It was really nice to have Pat around because he usually misses all of the outback time while at work.

After nap time we all ate some lunch and ran some errands.

For dinner we met some friends from college that were passing through. Ryan was pretty good at the dinner, although he doesn't like to sit still for so long. It was nice to see some friends and socialize.

Tomorrow we have to pick up a few groceries, but then the rest of the day is going to be spent playing with Ryan and probably a little bit of relaxing on the couch, which is exactly how I think it ought to be.

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