July 29, 2009

Shopping Till I Drop

Lately I've been indulging my urge to spend. Now granted, I'm only buying great deals or things that I need or have been saving specifically for.

We finally decided on the stroller we wanted. We got the Phil and Teds Dash. It is a step up from the Sport model. However, as it happened I ordered the Sport and they ran out of the color I had ordered so they offered me the Dash instead. We've set it up and taken Ryan for a walk in it. I'm pretty happy with our decision. Here are the factors that influenced my decision or that I've come to find as a pro/con since we used it:
*I love that this stroller can be either the single or the double stroller. The picture is of it in one of the double modes, but the back seat comes off and it can be a single if Ryan decides he is too big to be riding once Sean is here.
*Such a smooth ride, easy to push, great steering. This makes a fantastic outdoor stroller.
*Nicely padded seats that are cozy for Ryan. He actually looks small in this stroller compared to our Maclaren.
*A negative is the directions were a little bit hard to follow to set it up, but we figured it out.
*It's a tad heavy and folding is cumbersome.
Overall, I'm really happy with my choice and look forward to using it more.

I also got a new cell phone. I wanted to make it easier to text Pat because I'm often sending him a message around 5:30 to see if he'll make it home for dinner (which he usually won't, but that is a different story). It seems like a great phone, and now that I can text easily, I hear from Pat once a day.

You'd think that was enough shopping, but there was more....a lot more.
I bought a bunch of Omaha Steaks because I'd been promising Pat I'd do that for a while now.

I got some great deals on clothes for Ryan online. I had a coupon too.

I used the remainder of a gift card I had to motherhood to buy a couple t-shirts to get me through the remainder of the pregnancy. I didn't really have to spend my own money so this was great.

Then today I bought a bunch of nursing tanks and yoga pants to wear after Sean arrives. I really needed some new nursing tanks and am excited to try these new ones to see which ones I like the best. I had another coupon. It was a fantastic deal.

Overall, that is a lot of shopping. I hate spending money, but I'm so happy about all the great deals I got. Now that I have everything I could possibly need for a while, I need to step away from the computer shopping.

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