July 30, 2009

Big Brother

Pat and I have been looking for a little gift to get Ryan when we have Sean. We wanted to get him something he could care for while I care for the baby. We'd seen something we thought was perfect but wanted to wait until closer to the arrival.

Yesterday Ryan and I made a trip to Target to get a few items. I noticed in the toy department that they were marking down a lot of stuff. I thought about looking for this specific toy, but decided it was still too early. That is until I found it marked down on an end cap with only one left. It was marked down to $4.98. I snatched it up without hesitating.

So what is it you wonder? It's the Luv n' Care Baby Elmo. A stuffed little Elmo that smells like baby powder, has a pacifier, removable diaper, and comes with a cloth carrier. Ryan really likes Elmo right now, so hopefully that is still the case in two months. Pat was even excited at the deal I found. But for the next two months, Baby Elmo is hidden away in my closet.

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