March 30, 2012

Black Beans and Bananas

This past week I've been slightly adventurous (well, at least compared to my normal) in some of the foods I've been making.

It started when I saw a recipe on Money Saving Mom's blog.  She had found the recipe HERE.  The recipe is for Black Bean Brownies.  I had heard of this recipe a long time ago, but I have a serious aversion to beans--all beans.  In the spirit of trying something new, and possibly more healthy, I gave the recipe a try.  It was super easy to mix the ingredients together in the blender.  I used mini chocolate chips with the recipe.  While the brownies were baking they smelled great and very much like regular brownies.  They had fluffed up while baking.  I was very pleased with their appearance.  Once they cooled, I covered them and waited to try them later.  When I went to try them later, I noticed they seemed to condense and were less of the fluffy texture they appeared just out of the oven.  From reading the reviews, I knew this was okay.  The consistence of these brownies is a mix between fudge and brownies.  They are a very moist brownie.
I had Pat try one first.  I hadn't told him how they were made.  He ate it and seemed to enjoy it.  When I let him in on the secret ingredient, he refused to eat any more.  My little boys really enjoyed them.  For two days straight, they insisted on standing on chairs over by the counter eating browning after brownie.  As for myself, I thought they were pretty good, although not the typical texture.  But seeing as I hate beans, it was hard for me to mentally get over that part.  I will say they definitely did NOT taste like beans, and I did eat my fair share.  So if you want to try fiber filled brownies yourself, give this recipe a try.  (Unfortunately I didn't take a picture.  I think I was waiting to see how they tasted, and then I forgot)

The other food I tried out was Banana Dogs.  I am sure I saw it pinned on Pinterest, and my creation certainly was not as pretty as the one I saw on there.   I had all the ingredients on hand and have recently been craving strawberry jam, so the other morning I decided Banana Dogs would make a great breakfast. I spread some peanut butter into a hot dog bun, added a small banana, and spread some strawberry jam around the top and into any crevices.  I thought it was pretty good.  It kept me full for a long time, which these days is a small miracle.  My boys, however, were not pleased with this breakfast.  Their dislike was not based on the taste though.  Ryan thought it looked messy and refused to try it, and Sean was wondering where the real hot dog had gone.  If you find yourself with a craving for banana and PB&J, this will hit the spot.  Or if your kids are more adventurous than mine it could be a cute snack.

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