November 2, 2010


My baby boy likes Oreos just like his Daddy!
But then again, I'm not so sure he's met a cookie he doesn't like. Which is why his Cookie Monster cupcakes for his birthday were so appropriate.
Speaking of cookies, today I made some Old-Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies. You can find the recipe HERE. (I didn't do the glaze.) They were really, really good. I am a sucker for soft
cookies though. These cookies were soft and cake or bread like. They were my kind of cookie.
Now I have about 3 dozen (minus the few we already ate), and nothing to do with them but eat them myself. Now you'll understand why I am not accomplishing at least one of my Deployment Goals. Maybe I'll post an update about them soon.

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Anonymous said...

I FINALLY started freezing cookie dough. I love to bake, but with just us 3 at home I will eat them all if I don't do anything with them. So yesterday in fact I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies (about 32 were given away), but I still had a small bag for us and 3 quart sized ziplock bags in the freezer! YUM!

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