November 24, 2010


I have so much to be thankful for that I really should post about it more often. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share a list of a few things I am thankful for.

1. My husband--His is courageous and strong. He is selflessly serving his country and yet still finds time and ways to support me. He is not only my husband, but also my friend.

2. My awesome little boys--They are capable of bringing a smile to my face every single day. They give so much love. Even when they (mostly Ryan) are driving me nuts, they are doing it with such personality that you can't help but giggle inside. These two boys are my pride and joy in life.

3. My family--They support me in every way. I couldn't have chosen a more perfect family if I tried. They listen to me whine and vent, they give me advice, and they are also my friends. I would not be able to make it through the deployments without them behind me, even if we are physically separated by distance.

4. Health--I am thankful for the health of all those listed in numbers 1-3.

5. R & R--I am thankful that in a few weeks I will see my husband for R & R. It will be an amazing time for me, but also for my little boys who have been missing their daddy so much.

6. Turkey dinner--I'm grateful that my mother sent me a turkey dinner from Omaha Steaks that I only have to pop in the oven. With just me and the boys, I do not have the motivation to go all out, making a mess in the kitchen, to make a dinner from scratch.

7. My dogs--They provide unconditional love. They also hear me grumbling far too often, and yet still come to kiss and cuddle with me. While they drive me nuts a LOT of the time, I am very happy that they are part of my family.

8. Phone calls and e-mails--I am so thankful for the technology that allows me to hear from my husband as often as I do. I am especially happy that I should be receiving a phone call tomorrow--it's kind of a special day here, even more so than just Thanksgiving, but more on that later.

I am so thankful for the wonderful blessings I have received. I hope that you find yourself blessed beyond measure too. Happy Thanksgiving!


Just Another MilSpouse said...

This is such a sweet post. That last thing you mentioned (communication) is something that I really feel lucky to have. This deployment, while the longest we've ever done, has by far the best communication. I mean, geez, the first deployment I had to go out and by a WebTV so I could email him once a week and hope the sats were up for him to get it. Before that it was boot camp with snail mail. I can't imagine what the spouses dealt with in WW1 or even before that; with no communication whatsoever, no ombudsmen, nothing. They knew their husband was safe when he arrived home. I don't know how I would have dealt with that. I am so thankful for the communication we have today.

Jessica said...

SO I am pretty far behind on reading blogs...yikes...
but I wanted to comment and let you know that this was a great post and I love that your mom sent you a turkey. That is awesome!

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