September 23, 2009

No One Likes a Complainer

No one likes a complainer. That is one of the many reasons I haven't really been into blogging lately. I have so many things that I could complain and whine about, but really I hate to sound so negative. With all these things to complain about though, it's hard to focus on writing anything else. I do have some great photos of Ryan from the past few days that I'll hopefully get up very soon.

So in short, what is it that I'm trying not to complain about? I could complain about the horrible medical care that I'm receiving at BACH. However, I'm afraid people will think I'm just booing tricare or the care Army families receive. That isn't the case, it really seems to be my bad luck here. Other people aren't being treated the way I am, so it's just a case of wrong place, wrong time I guess. It still is annoying and almost comical if it weren't such an important issue.

Another big issue I'm having is I'm getting so annoyed that Pat is NEVER home. He literally never is home for dinner nowadays. Ryan usually goes to bed without seeing his Daddy, although there are some days he's lucky and sees Pat for a half hour as he winds down for bed. I guess it's just hard on me because it's like I'm a single parent still even though Pat is home from deployment. It gets so bad that I have to beg and plead for Pat to make it to one family meal a week. In one way I feel bad because Pat is being pulled in so many different directions, but in another way I can't help but be mad sometimes.

So there are some of my complaints. Maybe now that I've shared them I can move on and be a better blogger. I should have lots to post in the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll get the photos I mentioned up soon and can start being more positive.

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