September 9, 2009

If I have to clean up one more mess today...

If I have to clean up one more mess today, I'm asking for a raise.
Spilled milk, cheerios on the floor, juice on the ottoman, soda on the counter...etc. Some messes were made by Ryan and a few of them were caused by Pat. I have to say I'm hoping that things remain where they should for the rest of the night because I'm tired of fixing everything.

Ryan seems to be over his cold. Although I'm thinking he may also be working on cutting his "eye teeth". Many people say these teeth take a long time and are very painful for children. There were a few days in the past week or so that I really thought Ryan had turned into a mean child. I thought I may have jinxed it telling people he doesn't really have terrible two tantrums because this past week he was awful. Thankfully my happy boy is back, and it feels so good to see him smile.

I'm basically over the cold too. So things are slowly returning to normal. Hopefully normal stays a while.

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