December 14, 2008

Three More

Hopefully there are only three more weekends without Pat here.  That is exciting and yet still feels quite far away.  I know I'll have a lot going on these next few weeks, so I hope the time continues to fly by.  

Yesterday I went to Linens and Things (which is going out of business).  I was looking for new curtains for the dining area of the kitchen.  The store was pretty picked over, but I was lucky and found a set of gorgeous curtains that I thought could match that room.  The previous curtains in there were 63" long and just fit, but these were 84" (floor length).  I was a little worried about how they'd look, but I actually really like them.  They are a bit formal, but since that is our only dining area in this house, I think they are quite appropriate.  They definitely give the kitchen a much more put together feel.  It had been one of my least favorite rooms here, but it's definitely growing on me.  And to think all because of curtains.  

I also scored some nice sheets for our king size bed.  They are a great shade of brown that won't show the dirt the dogs bring to bed.  Yes, that is right, Pat and I sleep with 3 dogs in our bed.  We are crazy.  The sheets were a good thread count, and I think you can always use an extra set of sheets.  I even think they'll look pretty good with the color I plan to paint the room.

Ryan is loving when I read him books.  I'm so happy that he's back to liking books.  For a while there he thought books were for teething.  We're still sticking to board books for now, but I love spending the quality time reading with him.  I think I'd better head down to Borders soon to buys us some new ones.   

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