December 9, 2008

Disaster Area

Today has been a dreary, gray day.  It's been raining since before we got up this morning and hasn't stopped.  I put most of my plans on hold so that I wouldn't have to bring munchkin out in the rain.  So instead I spent most of my free time today cooking.  However, this led to my kitchen going from a complete mess into a total disaster area.  I'll be the first to say that I hate the set up of this kitchen, and I think that leads so some of my disorder in it.  I'll also admit that I'm blogging about it so that I can procrastinate cleaning it.  

Today I finally got a package I had been waiting on.  I ordered something a while ago that I wanted to send to Pat for Christmas.  (I can't say what it is until after he gets it; I don't want to ruin the surprise.)  It was a bit delayed but did end up here.  Now, the stop mail date passed about a week ago, and the Christmas guaranteed delivery date also passed,  so I took a big gamble going to the post office to send this package off.  I figure he still has over 3 weeks before he will be getting on a plane so I think it should be good.  I'm crossing my fingers though.     

And since there really isn't much else for me to say, I had better get to cleaning.  

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