December 18, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I ordered Pat another gift today, and other than still needing to get a couple of things for Ryan, my Christmas shopping is done.  We aren't celebrating until Pat returns sometime in January, so I have a bit of time to get the things I need for Ryan.  I'm really excited about the two gifts I got Pat.  I feel bad that there are only going to be two gifts to him from me, but I think they are good ones.  I hope he likes them as much as I think he will.  I guess the reason I'm so excited for him to get his gifts is because I usually never know what to get him.  This is one of the first times I didn't need help or suggestions from him and already had ideas myself.  I am starting to get the Christmas spirit I'd been lacking...even if it isn't until January.  

I really have to start getting the house in order.  I have a lot of time before Pat comes home, but in about a week I'm having some house guests while they await their significant other's return.  I should probably start a list to keep myself on track of everything I have to do.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I want to do and just don't know where to start.  I'm too tired tonight to do anymore, so this weekend will be a great time to start.         

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