December 15, 2008

Oh, The Places You'll Go.

Between the BAH rates coming out today and talking to my mother and Robyn, I really got thinking about the possible next place we go.  There are so many options and different things Pat could do with his career.  However, if I were going to pick an Army post to be stationed at, I'm beginning to lean toward Ft. Carson, CO.  I've always thought that Colorado would be a nice place to live, and I feel like I'd fit in well in that community.  I do enjoy snow, and dislike summer.  Maybe after Pat holds command that is a place we could end up sometime.  It's always fun to dream right?  Where do you dream of going next?

I really should post some new pictures of Ryan soon.  I haven't done that lately.  I'm going to try to snap some shots tomorrow while we are playing.  So be on the look out for those.    

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