November 30, 2008

The Value of a Good Friend

Most of the readers of this blog know how hard a deployment is.  In fact a lot of them are also on their second deployment.  Some people probably think I have a negative view lately, and I'll admit that is probably true.  Being a single parent for 7 months has been challenging, but even harder than that is not having a single local friend or neighbor that I can talk to or just count on when I am in desperate need of help.  Most people haven't experienced true loneliness like I am doing right now.  My family is absolutely wonderful and have been such a great support network for me.  Another great source of strength for me is my good friend Robyn, and this post is devoted to her.  

Robyn's husband was in the same OBC as Pat, and that is when we met way back at the beginning of their Army careers.  Although we lost touch for a while after they moved away, we found our friendship again, and I am very thankful for that.  Robyn is one of the only friends I have that can really relate to me and this Army life.  I hope that one day the Army brings us back together so I can have that local friend and Ryan would love playing with her son, Porter.  Well, now to make everyone jealous, Robyn sent such a sweet birthday package for me and Ryan.  I finally have one of the highly coveted aprons that Robyn makes.  They are absolutely beautiful, and I simply adore the one she made me.  She also made Ryan a taggie blanket.  He really likes to rub tags together so I'm sure that will be a big hit.  Also included in the package were some cds she made for me, a book, and some pants she had that would fit Ryan.  She is such a wonderful, thoughtful friend.   So Robyn, if you are reading this, thank you not only for the gifts but also for being such a great friend.  

(The picture quality isn't the best.  My battery was about to die, and I wanted to get this up before it did.)


Devon said...

I hope that you find someone that you can relate to soon. I am glad you have Robyn, though.

Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

Awww thanks Shelly! That made me cry. We love you guys so much and you are Porter's Godmother you know :) Maybe you guys can meet us up at Fort Drum if we get there!!

lindsay.c.nemec said...

I love the apron! Gosh I am jealous. I thought I was awesome by remembering your birthday and sending you a notepad.

Waaa Waaa Wahhhhhh

I'm glad you and Ryan had good birthdays! Soon Pat will be there to to hug and kiss you both.

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