November 18, 2008

I Suck

Tonight was the FRG meeting.  I am awful at public speaking because I get so nervous.  I'm not like those bubbly, happy people that feel right at home talking to strangers.  I'm more of the awkward, sweating type that says, "umm" a lot.  (I know, that is a bad habit that I sometimes forget to watch for.)  I just feel like the spouses that were at the meeting tonight must think I'm a moron.  I didn't have all that much info to pass out, and I just feel like I didn't do so well.  At least I brought cookies though.  And the cookies actually turned out pretty well, so it wasn't all a failure.  


Devon said...

Shelly! You should give yourself more credit! I bet those women are more nervous than you were!

Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

It was your first time! You are supposed to be that way ;) It will get easier as time goes on. They just want their husbands home!

Have fun with your parents!!!

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