November 13, 2008

Busy Day and Annoyed by Tricare

Today was pretty busy.  I had the 3 hour reintegration briefing this morning.  Ryan was in on site daycare while I watched 3 hours of PowerPoint.  It wasn't quite the best 3 hours for either of us.  I would be excited about this briefing if it didn't still feel like a long time till Pat comes home.  
When I got home, I decided to call the Ft. Campbell BACH appointment line.  I find it a little annoying that they are so rude, especially when all I'm looking for is a timely appointment. Again, they only had Christmas Eve or Dec 30.  It's crazy.  I called Tricare to check on my options.  I won't go into the long story there, but I highly recommend going to the Tricare office on post rather than calling the 1-877-TRICARE number.  The phone people not only gave me completely different info the two times I called (and wrong info), but they were rude too.  I have to highly praise the Tricare offices on the posts.  I've gone to the offices on both Ft. Sill and Ft. Campbell and not only do they get the job done fast, but they are really nice to deal with.  
Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a cuddly day with my little boy.  I think we both need a quiet day at home.  

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